Dry Robe Advance Small (Youth size)


Dry Robe Advance_Small

The Advance Dryrobe Small is a warm, waterproof changing robe designed for teenagers and small adults who are outdoor swimmers, surfers, triathletes or just need to keep warm and dry at the beach or a sporting event.


This fantastic hooded robe has a soft synthetic lambswool lining and a reversible front zip that can be opened and closed from the inside as well as the outside, enabling you to get changed in public places whilst preserving your modesty. It is waterproof and windproof to keep you warm and dry when changing outside and will be invaluable if you are waiting around for a race to start or resting from a swim heat.


Buy one of these and there will be no more embarrassing scenes of you trying to hold a towel around your waist, whilst you change out of your swim kit on the beach!




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