Billabong Furnace Carbon X 2mm Wetsuit Hood


Billabong Furnace Carbon X 2mm Wetsuit Hood


  • Billabong wetsuit hood
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Neoprene: Constructed with 100% AX1 Premium Superflex jersey, the best in high performance neoprene
  • Lining: Engineered with carbon fibre quick dry thermal lining to retain warmth and reduce the emittance of body heat
  • Seam construction: Glued and blindstitched sealed seam
  • Allows excellent field of vision
  • Peripheral free visor to drive water away from the eyes and shield from the sun
  • Internal manifold for a more secure seal against flushing
  • Adjustable drawstring face
  • Face gasket to resist flushing
  • Bibbed style to tuck into the neck of the wetsuit




Code: BBF4HN01

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